szkolenie psow nagłowek

Psie ABC (Dog ABC) school for dogs, kindergarten for puppies is a place for everyone who want to build positive relations with their beloved animal. Dog training is our passion. We guarantee an individual approach to every animal and their owner. We do not limit ourselves to shaping mutual trust and sense of security. We also teach how to communicate correctly and help create an understanding. Our kindergarten for dogs is not only about teaching puppies new skills, but above all – having lots of fun – for humans as well!

We can help you understand how dogs see our world. We teach how to correctly play with the family pet. We show how to elicit and strengthen desired behaviors and habits. We help build competence and an understanding of how to teach your dog a command. We explain how to work with a dog, we answer questions and support you during the activities. After finishing the Kindergarten and Preschool, you will have the skills to continue training your dog on your own. We show how to use the rules of the learning theory in everyday life.

For years, our dog school has specialized in work with the youngest pets. The Canine Kindergarten is an original program based on many years of experience and knowledge gained during trainings in Poland and abroad. Everyone who invests in our Kindergarten invests in a happy and safe future of their puppy and their whole family. An animal that is familiar with the surrounding world is not aggressive, and a human who understands the dog’s needs and knows how to treat them does not cause dangerous situations.

The Canine Kindergarten and other classes organized by our school take place in a safe, fenced area in the center of Warsaw’s Ursynów. In the winter, we meet in a heated training room. Dog ABC’s offer includes group and individual classes, specialized nosework/detection trainings, behavior therapy, help with choosing a dog, taking care of them, and also seminars and workshops for engaged dog owners.

Emilia Czechowicz