Puppy kindergarten

Puppy kindergarten

Puppy kindergarten – classes for puppies between 2 and 6 months of age*. In this age range, puppies feel safe in each other’s company. It a time when learning about the world comes quite easily and in agreement with their natural needs.
The Canine Kindergarten is mostly set to socialize the dog in a reasonable way and learning skills which will later be useful in everyday life and in basic obedience training.

**We also run a kindergarten for older dogs. If your dog is older than 6 months, please consult the trainer before signing up for a course.

If you have any questions regarding courses in English, write to: Marta.glowala@psieabc.pl

Our goals are:

• familiarizing the owners with effective training methods
• explaining and building the dog’s motivation to cooperate
• explaining the importance of teaching puppies self-control and resignation and how to do it
• teaching puppies how to behave in a group of dogs or people
• familiarizing dogs with different surfaces, sounds and objects.
• teaching the basics of good behavior among dog owners and dogs
• familiarizing the puppy with the company of bigger dogs – adult, balanced dogs are present during the training.

A canine kindergarten is the most important investment in the puppy’s life. What the puppy learns during their first weeks in the new home will yield interest later in life. A well-socialized dog is not afraid of new situations, has a neutral attitude towards people and other animals.


Apart from that, puppies also learn:

• to concentrate on the handler
• to behave during a veterinary check-up and accept the touching of sensitive

   spots, like paws, sides and ears
• the commands: sit, lay down, heel
• to stay in place
• not to pick up food without permission (from our hands or from the ground)
• the recall “come!”
• being send to their place
• the basics of walking with a loose leash
• a few more or less useful tricks, like giving a handshake, laying down on a side

   or “sit pretty”

During the classes, you will need treats, a pouch for the treats, a comfortable collar or harness, a leash (non-retractable), two identical tug toys or ropes, chew toys or food.
Duration: 8 meetings – twice a week, 60 minutes each time.

The Puppy Kindergarten costs: PLN 660